Tunneltek is part of CAOR International group, a 100% Mexican Business Group born as a group diversification initiative. It was started by the vision of a producer from Zamora over 20 years ago. He saw the opportunity after the arrival of an important berry seller to our country. Driscoll's, an American company with over 100 years of being one of the most important berry sellers started agriculture by contract. Driscoll’s started working with a few producers from Zamora and asked them to invest in the technification of the field, the high-tunnels. Thus, in 1998 we saw an opportunity to sell the steel structure of the high-tunnels for we had important partnerships with steel suppliers as well as good logistics. After a few years, we managed to have the exclusive partnership with GINEGAR, one of the most recognized manufacturers of plastic films for high-tunnelss. Our relationship with GINEGAR over the past 15 years has shown considerable production results which allowed us to start with the protection of crops in the valley of Zamora, specifically for strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Moreover, we currently cover over 20,000 hectares with high-tunnelss in Mexico and an increasing wave of countries in Latin America, which positions us on the top for our expertise in the high-tunnels agricultural industry in Mexico.

Tunneltek es parte de un Grupo Empresarial 100% Mexicano, Grupo Internacional CAOR.


Al tener proveedores importantes de acero y una buena logística iniciamos vendiendo sólo la estructura de acero del high-tunnels.


Logramos obtener la distribución exclusiva de una de las marcas más importantes de plástico para cubierta del high-tunnels del mundo Ginegar.

1998 - 2008

Durante nuestros comienzos nos acompañaron grandes grupos y consumidores industriales a nivel nacional, que fomentaron el uso del high-tunnels.

2008 - 2018

En este tiempo hubo crecimiento muy acelerado en el cultivo de Berries y previsoramente estabamos listos para atender ese crecimiento, logrando mantener el liderazgo del mercado.